Information about the changes on XM Radio

When the Jason Lewis show left the ClearChannel/Premiere Network it was removed from their XM channel (168). The Genesis Communications Network, the new network for the show, doesn't have a dedicated XM channel, but XM could have put the show on one of their other non-network channels. For reasons unknown, they have chosen not to do this. Feel free to contact your local XM rep or call 866-635-2349 and let them know how you feel about this, just please remember to be polite and professional.

We are being inundated with calls and emails about this and as much as we want to respond to everyone we just simply cannot keep up with the volume. Please know that we feel just as frustrated with this as you do and we are working hard to try to get the show back on XM.

Please remember you can always listen to The Jason Lewis Show online by clicking on the Listen link at the top of the website. We offer many ways to listen to the program and will be releasing some mobile apps very soon.

Thanks for listening to the show and we appreciate your support!